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This form can be used to submit your music or recorded sketches or comedy for the Fairely There radio or podcast shows.

Submission of content does not guarantee that it will be included in broadcasts or podcasts. All content will be reviewed for quality and content suitable for Fairely There's format.

Bawdy content is allowed, and encouraged and welcomed, but may be limited to certain broadcast hours depending on the nature.

The preferable format for music submission is MP3 files with MP3 tags populated to indicate the artist, album, track, and release year details. If you are uploading in a different format or MP3 tags are not used please indicate this information in the comments field below.

If you have any questions, issues, or wish Fairely There to stop using previously submitted music please use the Contact form which can be found via the site menu.

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Please include any additional details, such as artist, album, title, or release year information if MP3 tags are not used for this information, or notes/comments about the material submitted. If you include any stories or history of the recordings we may include them in the show(s).

Performer Directory / Promotional Details

All performers/groups submitting material for use on the radio or podcast shows will by default be included in our site's performer directory, and may further be promoted on our site, social media accounts, radio shows, and podcasts. Please include any of the below information you'd like to have included. Note: If you have previously submitted material under the same performer/group name there is no need to complete the below again. If you wish to have any of your listing information updated please use the site's Contact form.
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